Developing a new customer-centric insurance offering

How can we provide what our consumers need?

How can we provide what our consumers need?

Working together with the global marketing team of a leading insurance company, we were asked to guide the creation of a successful value proposition. Leveraging the power of exploratory focus groups combined with online quantitative validation, we uncovered the underlying needs, motivations and pain points of consumers.

Our solution

A two-phased approach with both qualitative and quantitative research methods to provide clear input and guidance.

Analytical qualitative research

With our extensive relationship with the client, we leveraged our knowledge of their business to extract deeper and more relevant insights in qualitative exploration

Connecting with over 100 consumers in focus groups across 4 countries. Fieldwork conducted in 1 week across all the different countries and languages

Seamless transition and refinement

With an experienced and dedicated team, the transition from qualitative exploration to quantitative validation is smooth and efficient as project knowledge is carried over.

The comprehensive view of insights from qualitative research are carried over seamlessly into the quantitative validation

Conversation design

We leveraged our award winning mobile-first Conversation Design™ to dive deeper and further optimize the value proposition on a large-scale.

1,250 online interviews of target consumers were conducted, analysed and reported in 3 weeks


This study enabled our client to uncover consumer needs and tailor a value proposition to not only meet these needs, but also take away widespread pain points. We combined consumer insights on the strengths and barriers of the value proposition with the client’s market positioning to create a winning proposition in a competitive market.

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