Providing the customer angle throughout the product innovation process

How can we make quick, fact-based decisions to narrow down our product innovation funnel?

How can we make quick, fact-based decisions to narrow down our product innovation funnel?

The global innovation team of the largest furniture retailer in the world asked us to support them by seamlessly integrating market research into their product innovation process. The objective is to provide actionable insights to ensure consumer’s views are considered from the very first stage of innovation.

Our solution

A set of modules were developed to support various stages of innovation: from insight generation to screening numerous early stage ideas, and from insight validation to full concept testing. In close cooperation with the innovation team, we created proven modules that flex with the ever-changing needs of an innovation process.

Smart preparation

Aligning the research process closely to the process of the innovation team to ensure results as soon as possible after stimuli (e.g. insights, concepts) are developed.

Results available within two weeks after stimuli delivery

Concept screening

Our approach to concept screening allows us to effectively test over 30 concepts in one study. Using our award-winning Conversation Design™ ensures respondent engagement as well as robust evaluations on all concepts.

Clustered sets of concepts connected to an insight allow for a focused survey

Highly visual

Concepts are visualized to provide context and improve the level of consumer understanding; all visuals are optimized for mobile research.

Highest quality data as consumers have a clear understanding of the product/services and the benefits


Our adaptable research modules allow us to support the client’s global innovation team during each step of the innovation process. Epiphany’s fact-based consultancy helped our client to further develop meaningful, consumer-driven innovations.

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