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The engine behind consumer choice

Consumers today have an enormous number of options to choose from and increasingly complex decisions to make. Luckily, our brains evolved to make fast, intuitive and successful decisions. The way the brain does this is through accessing our prior preferences. Preference is the engine behind every consumer choice. As such, a brand's ability to grow preference is closely linked to its ability to grow market share, and ultimately drive business success.


Preference Framework


Mental Leadership

A preferred brand occupies a privileged space in consumers' mind. Becoming top of mind and building a trusted reputation are key.


Consumers generally prefer brands that are physically and mentally closer to them. Trade strategy and advertising are instrumental to grow proximity.

Value for Money

Consumers tend to prefer brands that they perceive a higher attributed value. The notion of cost-benefit and willingness to pay extra are main ways to measure this value.

Meaningful Differentiation

Recognizing the uniqueness and relevance of a brand is essential to becoming preferred. Continuous innovation and development of unique product features is how brands differentiate.

Emotional Connection

The strength of the bond consumers have with brands is an important element to preference. Identification with the brand’s promise and associated sentiments are key indicators.

Preference is a journey

Preference is not something a brand can grow overnight. On the contrary, it is strategized and built through daily decisions and brand initiatives. We can help you in every step of this journey


Understand the brand’s preference scenario


Create strategy and KPIs to grow preference


Engage all stakeholders into the same goal


Make decisions and prioritize initiatives


Monitor how the brand is performing


Educate and inspire the team to make better decisions

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Know more about preference

In this brief article, you will find more about the mechanisms behind consumer choice, the preference framework, the preference journey and brand strategy.

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“Preference can help brands close the gap between consumer needs and business goals. We are passionate about helping brands sustainably grow preference by having the consumers' best interests at heart”

- Felipe Pizzardo

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