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Human First

From pushing products to helping parents-to-be

Insights into the consumer decision journey for a global leader in the stroller market


Understanding the emotional rollercoaster of parents-to-be as input for a successful omnichannel strategy

Becoming a parent for the first time is a magical and very emotional experience. In this context, making choices can be very difficult and overwhelming, especially with so much new information coming your way. For our client, it was crucial to understand parents (to be) and the choices they make when searching for a stroller. Only by truly understanding their target group, can our client uncover where to play and how to win in the stroller market.

The best way to gain insights into how choices are made is by asking consumers about real-life experiences. Conversation Design helps us make our studies as engaging and intuitive as possible, allowing us to get to a deeper level of insights

Reconstructing the journey

Sometimes it is difficult to remember what you had for dinner last night. So how do you remember the search for a stroller you bought six months or even a year ago? The answer: by reliving the journey in a step-by-step conversation, aided by visual cues.


Connecting through Conversation Design

Through our award-winning Conversation Design, we truly connected with the target group and helped them remember their stroller journey in detail. Diving into the role of different brands in their journey, the information sources they used for their decision and the trade-offs they made along the way.


A successful omnichannel strategy

A successful omnichannel journey converts the consumer’s pre-purchase expectations into post purchase evaluations. Companies that master the omnichannel experience know how to create a positive outcome for the brand and customer at the same time.

With this approach we were able to uncover the friction points in the journey – where our client could improve and provide guidance for the parents (to be). This helps them become a true partner in finding the best stroller for what is most important in the life of a parent: their newborn baby.

Our insights helped our client’s sales performance and improved their understanding of young parents’ wants and needs

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