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Meaningful innovations, from the outside in

We believe that the best products are the one built together with consumer needs and aspirations. By integrating insights and creativity, we help develop engaging innovations.


Design Thinking Framework

In recent years the most impactful innovations are those born from a deep understanding of consumer needs. In a process where exploration and validation alternates, we are very conscious of the fact that the need for certainty increases along the way.

In the fuzzy front-end we listen and observe behavior before we create meaning and finally respond with relevant solutions.



An active listening journey with consumers aiming to discover relevant insights and feedback that can blossom creativity and new thinking.

Design Thinking Process

Working closely with customers and clients, our design thinking process flex with the ever-changing needs of an innovation journey.



Validation of insights to understand key needs


Ideation by the innovation team to meet these needs



Screening numerous ideas to understand promising directions


Curation of the best ideas and testing it with consumers



Adjustment and improvement of ideas according to previous feedback


Collaboratively decide on the future pipeline and prototype ideas

The design thinking framework empowers business to co-create and validate new products and ideas with consumers, maximizing the future impact and success of innovation.

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"Innovation comes from an iterative process of exploration, validation and (quick) decision making. We build engagement and continuous dialog with consumers so that, in each iterative cycle, actions can be taken."

- Carine van Kooten

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