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How our story started with an Epiphany

Today we celebrate our story which began with a little yellow boat. Since then a lot has happened. Come see how we grew, fell over, got back up and became the Epiphany we are today.

Our Story

Our story started with an Epiphany. It was on a little yellow boat when our founder had his own epiphany. “What if I can combine my love for marketing and passion for research?”


The Start


Combining the power of market research to a marketing mindset is about thinking business through a true human perspective. And so, Epiphany Research Based Consultancy was born.


The Rise

We stopped compromising to traditional marketing research paradigms and developed Conversation Design™, enabling our clients to really listen to consumers and get their stories.


The Lessons

Growing as a company is about learning by doing and finding our own path. Our journey led us to create Glorious, our research technology hub that propels our creativity in our methodologies.


The Team


Today we are a diverse team from 19+ nationalities and 5 continents. We have become Epiphanians;  consumer driven and client focused.

The Future

And here we are, a not-so-small boutique with even larger ambitions. To engage our inner curiosity, and search for the next big Epiphany.


Our Clients

We work with organizations ranging from startups to enterprises and no matter the size, our core objective remains the same - to create a purposeful partnership. We do so by partnering with companies that play a relevant role in consumer lives and by integrating qualitative tools with quantitative research to validate and understand growth opportunities. We generate success in our partnership by fostering a deeper, more meaninful connection with our clients.


Looking for your Eureka moment?

An Epiphany starts with a story. We'd love to hear yours.