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Connecting with consumers

To truly connect with consumers and shape memorable experiences, brands need to reach their target group when and where it matters most.


Consumer Connection Framework

The key to shaping memorable consumer experiences is to understand the omni-channel journey and learn where in the journey consumers make their trade-offs.


Online Stores

A major part of the consumer journey takes place online. How do consumers move back-and-forth between all the online information sources available to them? Where do come across your brand, and how does this influence their decision?

The consumer decision journey is per definition omni-channel

Decades ago, this was different. There were only a few straightforward touchpoints where brands interacted with consumers. As a brand you knew exactly when and where you needed to be present. Nowadays, the complexity of choice is tremendous.

So, how does a brand determine where to focus its marketing efforts? The key is in truly understanding the consumer decision journey. Crawling into the minds of the consumers to understand how they make their decisions and what triggers them to move towards - or more importantly, away from - your brand.

Epiphany’s experience-based Consumer Connection Framework

Decision journeys are born from consumers real-life experiences

Our conversational techniques help guide the consumer through their journey. We ask about their experiences at the relevant moments to help them relive their journey and tap into the thoughts and emotions they had. This allows us to gather more true and detailed insights.

In today’s world the consumer decision journey is not linear

Because we respect the complexity of the decision journey, we give consumers the freedom to mold their own personal experience, no matter how fragmented or straightforward it was.

Appreciating the fact that no journey is created equal

There is not one truth when looking at the decision journey, which presents us with a learning opportunity. We look at the journeys from different angles and analyze the contradictions and similarities between different types of journeys.

The Consumer Connection Framework helps brands to truly connect with consumers. Reaching their target groups when and where it matters most and shaping memorable consumer experiences.

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"By immersing ourselves in the consumers world and their experiences, we help brands understand how to build true connections and leverage these connections to grow. A sometimes confronting, but always rewarding process."

- Carine van Kooten

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