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The engine behind consumer choice

Preference impacts choice by biasing the outcome towards the preferred option and fastening the whole decision journey. By building preference, we empower brands to grow sustainably.


Brand Preference Framework

The preference framework is designed to encompass the main factors that explain why people prefer a brand over the other. The 5 dimensions help marketeers to holistically understand their brand and make informed decisions on how to grow their brand within its category.

MentalLeadershipAvailabilityValuefor MoneyMeaningfulDifferentiationEmotionalConnection

Mental Leadership

A preferred brand occupies a privileged space in consumers' mind. Becoming top of mind and building a trusted reputation are key.

Preference is a journey

Preference is not something a brand can grow overnight. On the contrary, it is strategized and built through daily decisions and brand initiatives. We can help you in every step of this journey.


Understand the brand’s preference scenario


Create strategy and KPIs to grow preference


Engage all stakeholders into the same goal


Make decisions and prioritize initiatives


Monitor how the brand is performing


Educate and inspire the team to make better decisions

The preference framework helps brands to truly understand the way people relate to their brand in a holistic way, empowering sustainable and human-based growth.
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Know more about preference

In this brief article, you will find more about the mechanisms behind consumer choice, the preference framework, the preference journey and brand strategy.

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"Preference can help brands close the gap between consumer needs and business goals. We're passionate about helping brand organically grow preference by having the consumers best interests at heart"

- Alfie Adamson

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