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Conversation Design™

Finding ways to get closer to the consumer through conversations that go beyond the surface.

Research in the digital era has never been revolutionised. Not before Conversation Design™.

Human-centered digitalized conversations that encouraged consumers to share their stories.

Blending quantitative research and qualitative research at-scale.

Putting the user experience in mind to increase engagement through design and gamification.

Our team of designers and developers constantly create proprietary Conversation Design survey tools.

Enabling seamless exploration of behavior in the right moments.

In-context research where timing matters and location is vital.

Experience Conversation Design™

Timing Matters

Getting the timing right is paramount to the quality of a conversation.

Location is Vital

We engage in conversations with consumers at the right place.


Our Conversation Design™ Philosophy

At Epiphany, we connect brands to consumers, and an essential part of this bridgework is the quality of conversations that we have with each consumer. This is why we put Conversation Design™ at the heart of what we do.

Conversation Design™ is Epiphany’s solution to the monotony of traditional survey research and the engagement challenges posed by online research. Through Conversation Design™, we strive to humanize and craft research surveys that feel like a real conversation to gather deeper learnings that lead to sharper insights.

We strive to design better conversations with consumers simply because we believe that this gives us better permission to access their world in a deeper, and more intimate way. Conversation Design™ opens doors to consumer stories and gives us a better opportunity to dip in the right moments to get a closer look at actual behavior.

Conversation Design™, then, ultimately brings us closer to answering the biggest questions of brands.

What’s Next


What if people and organisations could communicate freely, directly, openly and discuss what they care about? What if this could happen at the right place, the right time? What if organisations wouldn’t be the ones to always initiate such a conversation?

What if?

We're working on pushing the envelope of connecting with consumers to an unprecedented level. We're working on developing consumer-empowering tech. We're working on the next evolution of Conversation Design™.

We have a real possibility for deep learnings and insights while giving back to consumers and allowing them to see and experience for themselves the impact they have within organisations.

This is the future of Conversation Design™. It’s bright, it’s getting clearer by the day and above all, it's happening.


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